Name Alexandra Schwager
Ortschaft, Kanton Altstetten, Zurich
Angebot Cloth diaper consultation
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Hello Nappy/Nappy Change/Windelfrei
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Zerohero / Alexandra Schwager, Altstetten, Zurich

I am Ale from Zurich, mum of Elenor and Baby Cosmo, an enthusiastic cloth nappy fan and trained cloth nappy and Hello Nappy (diaper-free) consultant. I try to organise my everyday life sustainably and with as few chemicals, hormones and waste as possible. I want to be a zerohero.

I was confronted with the topic of nappies for the first time during my pregnancy with my daughter. Is it possible to change nappies without chemicals and waste? Yes, it is!

Fortunately, I got to know natural and mindful baby care. I look forward every day to changing little Cosmo with the pretty cloth nappies and offering him the potty. Elenor is now a completely independent toilet user and has been since she was 2 years old thanks to the use of cloth nappies.

It is about time that more parents learn about this great system and have the opportunity to test it. That's why I founded zerohero. A platform around the topic of zero chemicals, zero hormones and zero waste.

Wie bist du zur Stoffwindel gekommen?

Having used alternative sanitary products myself for a long time and knowing how uncomfortable disposable pads feel, I couldn't imagine putting disposable nappies on my baby.

Was ist deine Lieblingswindel?

I can't decide - there are too many great nappies ;D

Was ist der lustigste Stoffwindelmythos?

Cloth nappies

Dein grösster Fail?

Daycare diaper came back with a solid poo in it. I didn't check again and dumped the wetbag and poop into the communal washing machine. After the wash, I had to fish the mishap out of the sealing rubber ( luckily I was in the laundry room before the neighbours ;D )

Wo ist bei dir Nachhaltigkeit sonst noch anzutreffen?

Our whole family eats a vegan diet and we try to fly as little as possible.

Dein tollster Trick rund ums Wickeln?

Do elimination communication as well, so that almost no more poop ends up in the nappy.

Was interessiert dich abseits der Welt der Stoffwindeln?

Art, design, graphics, music, equality, queerness,

Was ist deine liebste Windelkombi für die Nacht?

EC- nappy or panty nappy with wool cover

Hast du noch weitere Titel neben «Stoffwindelberaterin»?

Graphic artist, designer, teacher for textile and technical design

Ein Highlight in deiner Tätigkeit als Stoffwindelberaterin?

When initially sceptical parents write me messages after the consultation in which they rave about the many poops they have already been able to pick up in the potty ;D