Name Stefanie Zumbühl
Ortschaft, Kanton Teufenthal, Aargau
Angebot Cloth diaper consultation
Renting test packages
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Wickelflow / Stefanie Zumbühl, Teufenthal, Aargau

During my pregnancy I came across cloth nappies, and I really wanted to try this with my child, and cloth diapering has become a real passion. Join me in a diapering flow.

in 2020 I did the training to become a cloth diaper consultant. And now love being able to educate new family about cloth nappies.

Come and join me in a diaper flow.

Wie bist du zur Stoffwindel gekommen?

By chance through a workshop, I was interested in how to swaddle with fabric and for my first child I really wanted to try this out.

Was ist deine Lieblingswindel?

currently Culla di Teby

Was ist der lustigste Stoffwindelmythos?

That is unhygienic.

Dein grösster Fail?

Bought too many unsuitable nappies. Unfortunately I didn't have a test package where I could test this.

Wo ist bei dir Nachhaltigkeit sonst noch anzutreffen?

We try to produce little waste in our daily lives and I try to limit my consumption.

Dein tollster Trick rund ums Wickeln?

Body extensions are great.
And loose clothing so that the bodysuit doesn't press on the nappy.
And gauze nappies are so cheap and great for swaddling.

Was interessiert dich abseits der Welt der Stoffwindeln?

Nature, hiking, swimming
my pets ( 6 guinea pigs, 6 chickens and 2 cats)
My family and friends
Visiting concerts

Was ist deine liebste Windelkombi für die Nacht?

Panty nappy Petit Lulu and overpants from Capri or, as a new addition, wool slip-on overpants.

Hast du noch weitere Titel neben «Stoffwindelberaterin»?

I first trained as a catering specialist and then switched to the commercial sector
commercial field.

Ein Highlight in deiner Tätigkeit als Stoffwindelberaterin?

You meet a lot of great people who have the same goals, to live more environmentally conscious.