Name Corinne Mock
Ortschaft, Kanton Bilten, Glarus
Angebot Cloth diaper consultation
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Hello Nappy/Nappy Change/Windelfrei
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MaMaKi / Corinne Mock, Bilten, Glarus

I think I inherited my love of fabrics. My grandmother sewed a lot herself. My mother used to swaddle all her children with fabric, which I remember very well because of my 5 year younger brother. That's why it was already clear to me during my pregnancy with my first child that I wanted to swaddle with fabric, to the chagrin of my husband who didn't exactly jump for joy when I came up with the idea. There really wasn't much on offer in Switzerland in 2012, which is why the knitted nappy moved in with us. Over the course of time, of course, a few other things have been added. With my third child, I sewed most of the cloth nappies myself, which also completely convinced my husband. Of course, there were also times when we resorted to WWW.

I have been self-employed with my massage practice since 2015. With the training as a cloth diaper consultant and nappy change consultant, I have fulfilled a long-awaited dream and can thus expand my range of services in my practice.

As a mum of 3 cloth diapered and diaper-free children, I have been able to gather a lot of experience which I now gladly pass on in my consultations.

Wie bist du zur Stoffwindel gekommen?

First and foremost out of tradition. For me, it was clear from the beginning that I would also wrap my children with fabric. It was also important to me what got on my children's skin.

Was ist deine Lieblingswindel?

The knitted nappy with wool slip and my self-sewn prefluff's
On the road we loved the GroVia SIO

Was ist der lustigste Stoffwindelmythos?

The child can't move properly with the thick nappy pack.....

Dein grösster Fail?

I stored the cloth nappies completely wrong.

Wo ist bei dir Nachhaltigkeit sonst noch anzutreffen?

Sustainability can be found throughout our household.

Dein tollster Trick rund ums Wickeln?

Hold, running water and rose hydrolate.

Was interessiert dich abseits der Welt der Stoffwindeln?

Children, Horses, Dogs, Photography, Nature, Naturopathy

Was ist deine liebste Windelkombi für die Nacht?

Preferably none at all.

Otherwise knitted nappy with flannel insert and wool slip-on overpants

Hast du noch weitere Titel neben «Stoffwindelberaterin»?

Nappy Change / Diaper Free Consultant
Professional masseuse
Baby massage course instructor IAIM
Aroma consultant

Ein Highlight in deiner Tätigkeit als Stoffwindelberaterin?

The babies and the work with mums and dads. The many different people and their reasons for using cloth nappies.